Oil & Gas Pre-Operations Services

Operations Consulting and Project Implementation

Operations Consulting

Kizer Energy Operations Consulting focuses on providing technical expertise, best practices, technology and project management support to our clients. We can supplement your project teams with senior consultants that will provide you with the required experience and technological background to address specific needs.

Kizer Energy consultants will come to your facilities and project team offices to provide the required support and deliver the agreed scope of work. Our consultants will also be integrated to a Project Implementation Team to deliver the philosophy and strategy documents that are the foundation of a successful project.

Decisions regarding operability and asset integrity may affect your plant design basis during development by EPC firms. Therefore, we involve our consultants with your operations team early in the project in order to deliver the most value throughout the project life cycle.

Project Implementation

Kizer Energy Project Implementation services address the development of all philosophies, strategies, plans, systems, personnel, training, and logistics required for the operation of a new production facility. Our Project Implementation services are mostly applicable to new topsides upstream production facilities, refineries, petrochemical and other oil & gas processing facilities.

Kizer Energy offers a phased approach to Project Implementation to maintain full alignment with the EPC project schedule. This methodology also provides an optimal level of definition at each phase, and meets the Operations Planning Milestones required by the Operating Company Management.

Below is an example of our Project Implementation Phases:

Kizer Energy Project Implementation chart